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Beautiful Kantokylä has always been inhabited

Herman Nikka’s hay making day from 1896 is exceptionally famous. Nikka found a money treasure in the mossy tussock, and signs of both Stone Age and Early Metal Age settlement began to emerge from Puutteenkylä’s Pyhälahti.

In the Kantokylä village, there are old buildings and courtyards that have been spared from the ravages of war and have been lovingly cared for. One of them is a former municipal home, renovated for tourist use, Raatesalmi estate.

The landscape of Kantokylä-Törmäsenvaara is a region classified as provincially valuable. The views are dominated by the beautiful Lake Kuusamojärvi.

Kantokylä has included the following villages: Hangasjärvi, Kantokylä, Muosalmi, Purnunsuo, Puutteenkylä, Sossonniemi, Törmäsenvaara.


Sossonniementie 156, 93800 Kuusamo
65°54’10.9″N 29°23’51.6″E