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Public education in Kuusamo for more than 300 years

Public education in Kuusamo has a long tradition. The public education maintained by the church started more than 300 years ago. In 1686, Bishop Getselius mentions in his letter to the king: “Not only is it important that a church be established in Kuusamo, but it would also be necessary to get a schoolmaster there so that these far-away people can progress in the knowledge of Christianity”.

In 1723, parents and guardians were urged by the king to diligently teach their children the skills of reading and Christian doctrine. If the parents were unable to do the task themselves, the children had to be sent to the schoolmaster or bellringer to learn. This is how the bellringer school became established in the 18th century in Kuusamo as well.

In the 1820s, the idea of ​​establishing a catechist’s office arose in Kuusamo. A permanent catechist in Kuusamo was obtained in 1828 and the operation of the so-called catechist schools, i.e., touring schools, began.

Website’s texts written by Erkki Hämäläinen, FM, teaching advisor