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Why is the village called Kuolio? What’s the atmosphere like in Käylä’s Korpihovi? What does an aerial view of Määttälänvaara look like? What kind of place is Ruoppivaara in Vasaraperä, known as Hannu Hautala’s photography site?

Welcome to the Kuusamo villages! On these pages you will find information and ambiance of history, nature, and culture of Kuusamo’s villages.

In Karhuntassu, you can get to know the villages virtually for free with both the map application and VR glasses. Village landscapes around Kuusamo can be viewed from the air and along the village road.

Karhuntassu Tourism and Culture Centre tells and stores stories, information and pictures about the villages and their people. What kind of stories live in your village? The material can be delivered to Karhuntassu by bringing it to the location or by emailing