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Ancient finds from Kuusamo

Kuusamo has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Numerous ancient finds tell about this time. More precisely, the finds date to the period 2000-3000 BCE.

There are also many remains of the Sámi settlement. The Forest Sámi, in other words the Lapps, inhabited Kuusamo and the Kuusamo region before the settlers. Traces of Sámi settlement can be found in the Kitka area. It has been confirmed that there have been at least two winter villages, or siida, in Kuusamo. As the name suggests, the Sámi lived in these villages only in winter. The rest of the time they lived elsewhere, hunting, and gathering. The Forest Sámi had hardly any reindeer, so there are hardly any traces of this livelihood.

In other words, there are many ancient finds from these times in Kuusamo.