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Discover Kuusamo

The basic exhibition of Karhuntassu tells about the history, culture and nature of Kuusamo from the glacial period to the present day in an experiential way. The diverse exhibition features miniature models, browseable applications, display screens, games, films, virtual tours and objects.

You can try, among other things, how traditional Kuusamo mittens feel in your hand, listen to stories about Kuusamo in the 1930’s, read what the rapids war was about and let the name generator tell you what your Kuusamo nickname is. In the exhibition, you can browse through class photos from different decades, delve into Kuusamo’s military history, read secret diaries and sit in a Datsun in Kantola alley.

There is plenty to see and experience at Karhuntassu’s exhibitions for exhibition guests of all ages and also for international guests for several hours.