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The highest point in Virkkula is Virkkulanvaara, which is about 340 meters above sea level. The lowest is Lake Porontimajärvi, which is 311 meters above sea level. The village is located higher than average compared to other villages in Kuusamo. The area belongs to the Koutajoki river basin, in which the waters flow east.

Highway number 8694 from Route 5 to Jyrkkäkoski runs through the village. The area’s forest resources are dominated by conifers, with spruce being the most common tree species. Actual marshes can be classified as coniferous swamps.

Lake Porontimajärvi, the deepest point of which is 37 meters, can be considered the core of the region’s water system. In addition to the ditches leading into the lake, there are four streams worth mentioning: from Konttainen, Takkulampi, Sarvilampi and Pikkuporontima. Through the Porontima canyon, the water flows into Lake Suorajärvi, from there through Kuusinkijoki and Oulanka to Lake Paanajärvi.

The Ruka-Valtavaara nature conservation forest near the village can be counted as a protected area. The hiking trail Karhunkierros passes through the village area.