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Datsun Kantola’s alley

Kantola’s department store was built in the center of the church village of Kuusamo in the early 1970s. 

The alley between the two buildings of the department store came to be known as Kantola’s alley. It was one of the most important meeting places for young people from Kuusamo for several decades. 

The notoriety of Kantola’s space started from the liquor store that was in the building, at the end of the space. From Rysä Bar, which was on the other side of Kitkantie, you could follow who visited the liquor store. 

Kantola’s alley steps are suitable for sitting with a larger group. On weekends, it was followed by a rolling round of ‘’pilluralli’’ a form of driving a circle in this case from Prima stores parking lot, i.e. the meat counter, to Teboil petrol station’s yard and back. When we got to the Four-way Crossroads, we had time to see if Outi and Kati were sitting in Kantola’s alley. On the other hand, from the stairs you could see who was in the back seat of each Datsun. 


A take from a Diary: 

Hello diary! 

 It’s so cold! Hurrrr! Thighs and toes frozen, but we were in the Kantola alley. We jumped and danced with the girls to Pelle Miljoona’s ´Tahdooooon rakastella sinua´! 

The people of Lopotti came to the alley for cigarettes. In the group of Lopottians, there were some Swedish vacationers. They talk loudly about the dulla. However, they had nothing. Oh yeah! I hope I can go on a cruise in the summer. 

We went to the stairs to find out who is driving. I saw Kape at the meat counter. (HEARTS) He had a full car again. They whispered something to the people from Kiviharju. Totally stupid! 

Love is… riding alone…. (HEARTS) 

Then it happened! Jone came to talk in a daze. He hugged (okay he tried to kiss!!!) and we swayed so much that the doors window glass broke. Crazy!!! We just laughed, but I got scared when the police came. 

Fortunately, Kape wasn’t there, although I’m sure he’s already heard of it or will hear on Monday at the latest, there were some of his familiar guys laughing. 

The police took down everyone’s names. We might have to pay for that window. I had to tell the parents at home. 

So now I have time (a week’s house arrest!!!) to tell you all this, dear diary! 

There will be no Nakkipöminät (an after party at the grill). It’s okay, but at Kino-Nilo is running Travolta! I need to get there! I have to call Virpi! 


P.S. If I’m going to get to Kuuska or even Tetra, I have to take care of school, go to the cabin with parents and take Hupi outside. Remember this!!!